Frequently Asked Questions

What is the schedule?

  • The State Highway 211 environmental process began in late 2012.  The project construction is proposed to start in 2019.

Will the new roadway include lighting?

  • The proposed State Highway 211 project does not include continuous lighting at this time.

Will hazardous waste be transported on the road?

  • SH 211 is not a designated hazardous cargo route (The Texas Transportation Commission adopted the City’s Hazardous Cargo Routing Plan in June 2001).

What will the posted speed limit be on State Highway 211?

  • The posted speed limit is proposed to be 60 miles per hour; however this posted speed is subject to speed studies following the opening of the roadway.

What are the criteria that will be used for evaluating alternatives?

  • There are four main categories being used to determine the preferred alternative. These include but are not limited to, Mobility, Environmental, Community, and Landowner.

Will the road be widened to four lanes?

  • At this time, there is no demonstrated need for mobility improvements in the SH 211 corridor from FM 471 to SH16 or FM1957 to US 90, and there is neither funding available nor likelihood of improving the entire corridor in the near future to a four lane roadway.

A grade separated pedestrian crossing will be provided at the Legend Oaks Subdivision / Tamaron Valley

Where can I get more information?

  • Please check the remainder of this website. Joining our mailing list can provide mail correspondence regarding future meetings. On-going updates will be provided as new information becomes available and meetings are scheduled.


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